Jack in a Box!


On Saturday morning, it was rainy and cold. What else is there to do but make a house from old boxes?

It didn’t take long for Jack to have it all planned out.

It took some trial and error, but we finally figured out how to  steady the sides of the house so it would hold up the roof! All credit goes to Jack and his reinforcing of bendy pieces (above photo.)

About an hour later, we had built a cardboard house complete with roof and reinforced duct tape walls, front door, back door and a window!

The back yard and door!

The inside is large enough for Jack to lay flat. He added a crate to hold a reading lamp!

And, it did not surprise me that Jack wanted to sleep in the cardboard home that night. Jason and he got some battery operated lights that Jack could Velcro to the ceiling to provide light during the evening.

Good night, Jack!

If you would like to visit, he’ll leave the light on for ya!

Under the Lights…

Welcome Back!

Sam and a group of his friends participated in the annual homecoming event Under the Lights, which is put on through the high school.

Sophomores through seniors get teams together and then participate/compete in 18 different games such as: how many cheese balls can you get on one person’s face that is covered with chocolate pudding. Tug a war over a tarp covered with chocolate pudding and 16 other hysterical “Ellen” like games.

This was taken before the games began. So nice and clean!

Then the games began…

Water Balloon Toss…

Don’t Drop the Licorice While Walking Back and Forth as One Group

Jack and I hung out to watch the competition and had some good belly laughs! In the background the “bucket” person needs to catch 10 ping pong balls that others are tossing at him. A hard task on a WINDY night!

Sam and Brenny

The kids all had a blast and Jack can’t wait until he can participate in the UTL games! I wouldn’t be surprised to find him practicing before then!




I am posting this from my phone. I can’t get to my computer because my back decided to go out on me. So this has been my view…watching football all day.

I ice. I walk a bit. I lay. That’s it.

What fancy exciting thing did I do this time? I was sitting in one of our chairs and turned sideways to have my legs hang over the arm of the chair. Sat like that for a bit…went to get up and couldn’t straighten up.

I have forgotten how bad it hurts and how angry it makes me because it limits everything I try to do.

Plan today…chiropractor visit, ice and catch up on “This is Us.”

The good thing, I don’t have to go to grocery shopping!!

What Cha Doin’?


The other night Jack was on his ipad and as always, I ask, “What cha lookin’ at?” (In my good pronounced grammar.)

And his response…be still my heart!
He tells me, “Pinterest!”
I ask.

An by golly, he was! He was surfing Pinterest!

He was looking up different STEM challenges and things to create! I quickly made a board for him to save all his pins!

Check back next week for a few of the “inventions” Jack created with craft sticks. Who knew all the things you can create from a stick!

I Lost Him!


Thursday Night means one thing for us…Sam’s football game!
Last week I was taking pictures and suddenly he was gone!
“Where’s Sam?”

Then I spotted him…at the bottom of the pile! On the previous picture you can see his shoulder pad peeking up from the bottom of the pile..the striped shoulder pad by the blue helmet. That’s my boy!!

He did score himself a bit of a turf burn on his arm, which he quickly assessed, but all was good.

Thank goodness…because I would hate to have to yell, “MY BABY! OH MY BABY!!” while running onto the field to see if he was ok, much to the horror of Sam.