Welcome Back!

I really needed to start moving again…either working out at the gym (yuck) or doing something at home. I’ve always been interested in yoga, so yoga it was! With the suggestions of a couple of friends, I started Yoga with Adriene, specifically, 30 Days of Yoga: True.

I love it and would highly suggested it to anyone that might be interested in yoga. The entire series (plus many many more videos) are available on youtube…for free!

The top question I asked others (and have been asked) is, “Do you really get a work out?” Oh, yes you do!  I actually needed to take a day off to let my muscles recover . Adriene eases you into the entire practice of yoga and I am actually  doing the moves correctly now and can feel the difference.

So need a little encouragement to get moving, then try True! I don’t think you will be disappointed!

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