Not Finishing…


I usually post about books I have read, but this time, which I don’t do very often, I didn’t finish a book.

The book is Haunted By Chuck Palahniuk,204,203,200_.jpg

First, the cover is a bit freaky AND unknowing to me, it glows in the dark. UGH!

The book has received great reviews, but a word that comes up in several of the reviews is disturbing. And boy is it…disturbing. I thought, I can read this. I’ve read disturbing books before. Oh. My. Word. I must say, I haven’t read anything this bothersome….or disturbing.

Basically it’s about a group of eccentric people that are picked up by a bus in the middle of the night. They can’t tell anyone they are leaving, they may only bring one bag to their destination, which is an isolated mansion. While at the mansion, the owner pressures them to create, in writing, something…but not sure what.  That’s the thing…you meet all these people that are given an alias for their name and then suddenly you are reading a short story that one of the captives wrote. To put it simply, the short stories written by the “captives” are disturbing. (need to look up some synonyms for disturbing!) And here’s the kicker, they get more bothersome as the book goes on!! Oh. My.

So, I read the first chapter (which actually caught my attention) and the first “written” short story. Well, I didn’t read all of the first story due to it being, you guessed it, disturbing. I had to skip an entire page of description of an event. It grossed me out. It’s not bloody and gory…it’s just…disturbing.  How does someones mind go that way?

Later, I shared the story with Jason and he also thought “WOW! That is nasty!”  And he has read more disturbing things than me!

So, now you want to read the first chapter and short story in this book, but you have been warned…it is bothersome and disturbing.

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