A Minimalist?


The other day Jack told me he was going to turn his room into a hotel room so he could create a spy movie. (The kid is always thinking about a movie to create.) So, after not hearing from Jack for a bit, I went up to his room and much to my HUGE surprise, he had taken EVERYTHING down off his walls. OH MY!

Please remember, that every inch of Jack’s walls had a poster, drawing, pennant, sports towel or bulletin board of some sort. I was a bit taken back.

“Why is everything off your walls?”
“I told you I was going to make my room look like a hotel room.”
‘”I guess you are. What else are you going to do?”
“I am going to take everything out of here and rearrange.”
“Where are you going to put all this stuff?”
“In the hall.”

Well, basically putting his bedroom in the hallway was NOT going to work and I suddenly found myself helping Jack for the next 4 hours clear out his room.

Here is Jack’s bedroom AKA a hotel room!

(The TV has been taken out and is not longer on the desk) Can you see all the white marks on his walls? Those are from the many tacs he used to hang everything on his walls.

Nothing on the shelves because hotel rooms do not have items on shelves.

The shelf unit in the lower left corner is no longer in the room.

When Jason saw it he said, “Cool dorm room!” He was quickly corrected.
Jack still hasn’t shot the movie. But, he has discovered “Basic” channels with is rabbit ears on the TV and is enjoying old shows on Me TV, such as Star Trek and Leave it to Beaver.


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