Welcome Back!

When I pick up Charlie’s poo in a poop bag (may be too much information) I  throw it into our “poop-bag bucket.”

Out poop bucket is beside our recycle bin, so instead of walking around to the bin, at times, I throw it over the bushes to see if I can hit the poop-bag bucket. No, you cannot see the bucket from where I toss the bag.

Here is the poop-bucket from the recycle bin side.  (NO it is NOT that full! It is full of frozen snow and that is why the bags are at the top!!)

The other day, I gave the bag a good toss and Oops..it got caught in the tree! (Oh Dear!!) How gross is that!?!?

Can you spot the yellow bag in the tree in the previous pictures? We will have to get it down…but not sure how. It’s strategically landed right over the bushes and as you can see, it’s caught on one of the higher branches.

Most would say, stop throwing that bags over the bushes.
I say, try aiming lower!