Shoot the Moon

Welcome Back!

jack has a fun challenge game that sits on our coffee table called Shoot the Moon. The concept is to balance the silver ball on the poles and try to drop it into the Saturn cup. It’s A LOT harder than it looks. I’ve only been able to get to Jupiter two times.

Related image

When Jack plays, Charlie is always by his side, eyeing that little silver ball.

Then Charlie had an idea…
She went and got her favorite red ball and placed it on the poles. It was much easier to get to Saturn with a larger ball!


Welcome Back!

I really needed to start moving again…either working out at the gym (yuck) or doing something at home. I’ve always been interested in yoga, so yoga it was! With the suggestions of a couple of friends, I started Yoga with Adriene, specifically, 30 Days of Yoga: True.

I love it and would highly suggested it to anyone that might be interested in yoga. The entire series (plus many many more videos) are available on youtube…for free!

The top question I asked others (and have been asked) is, “Do you really get a work out?” Oh, yes you do!  I actually needed to take a day off to let my muscles recover . Adriene eases you into the entire practice of yoga and I am actually  doing the moves correctly now and can feel the difference.

So need a little encouragement to get moving, then try True! I don’t think you will be disappointed!

Not Finishing…


I usually post about books I have read, but this time, which I don’t do very often, I didn’t finish a book.

The book is Haunted By Chuck Palahniuk,204,203,200_.jpg

First, the cover is a bit freaky AND unknowing to me, it glows in the dark. UGH!

The book has received great reviews, but a word that comes up in several of the reviews is disturbing. And boy is it…disturbing. I thought, I can read this. I’ve read disturbing books before. Oh. My. Word. I must say, I haven’t read anything this bothersome….or disturbing.

Basically it’s about a group of eccentric people that are picked up by a bus in the middle of the night. They can’t tell anyone they are leaving, they may only bring one bag to their destination, which is an isolated mansion. While at the mansion, the owner pressures them to create, in writing, something…but not sure what.  That’s the thing…you meet all these people that are given an alias for their name and then suddenly you are reading a short story that one of the captives wrote. To put it simply, the short stories written by the “captives” are disturbing. (need to look up some synonyms for disturbing!) And here’s the kicker, they get more bothersome as the book goes on!! Oh. My.

So, I read the first chapter (which actually caught my attention) and the first “written” short story. Well, I didn’t read all of the first story due to it being, you guessed it, disturbing. I had to skip an entire page of description of an event. It grossed me out. It’s not bloody and gory…it’s just…disturbing.  How does someones mind go that way?

Later, I shared the story with Jason and he also thought “WOW! That is nasty!”  And he has read more disturbing things than me!

So, now you want to read the first chapter and short story in this book, but you have been warned…it is bothersome and disturbing.

New Sign!


Another great gift for Christmas I received was a felt letter board from my sister! I change the inspirational quotes every so often. It hangs in our living room for all to see and be inspired.

This is the latest quote…

(side note: I asked Jack if it was ok to blog this. “Sure!” he said, “Why not!”)


Best Thing EVER!!

Welcome Back!

For Christmas, Jason bought me an iRobot Roomba. Yep, I got a vacuum cleaner for Christmas and I absolutely love it!!

When you have one of these….

It’s super great to have one of these!

I cannot say enough good things about the Roomba. It is a MUST if you have pets and feel (like I do) that you are constantly vacuuming to stay ahead of all the hair.

I put it a room, hit the clean button and let it run for about 30 minutes (can run for about 2 hours with out needing a charge) and then put it into another room. I shut the door to block the Roomba in a room. It’s amazing how much it picks up. You do need to put up cords or anything that it might suck up, but that’s it!

I must say it has been a life saver for me due to not having to haul out the vacuum cleaner each day!

Would make a great Valentine gift for the one you love! 🙂

Just Finished…

 Welcome Back!

I just finished the book
Best Day Ever by Kaira Rouda

“I glance at my wife as she climbs into the passenger seat, and I am bursting with confidence. Today will be everything I’ve promised her…and more…”

Paul Strom has the perfect life: a glittering career as an advertising executive, a beautiful wife, two healthy boys and a big house in a wealthy suburb. And he’s the perfect husband: breadwinner, protector, provider. That’s why he’s planned a romantic weekend for his wife, Mia, at their lake house, just the two of them. And he’s promised today will be the best day ever.

But as Paul and Mia drive out of the city and toward the countryside, a spike of tension begins to wedge itself between them and doubts start to arise. How much do they trust each other? And how perfect is their marriage, or any marriage, really?

I read a lot of reviews on this book and the vast majority loved this book, thought it was thrilling and suspenseful.  I wasn’t impressed.
The main character is Paul, he is narcissistic and SO extremely into himself, that he actually bored me when he wasn’t turning my stomach! What he was able to get away with, was at times, pretty farfetched.  The entire story is told by Paul and he would talk to himself to remind us how great he was and how all women loved him and they all threw themselves at their feet and how rich he was and how he lived in the best place ever. Barf.

Paul and his wife Mia are going to their cottage on the lake, for the weekend, kid free. He is planning on making it the best day ever, except we find out he has a much more sinister plan for her.

I usually like these types of books, but it really didn’t do anything for me. You can figure out what will happen. I thought it can’t be this predictable, but yep, it was. There were times I thought, here comes a twist, but nope. Nothing. The ending was pretty unsatisfying.

I’d give this book a 2.75 out of 5 stars.

You may want to give this book a chance, because MANY readers gave this book 4-5 stars. It just wasn’t for me.


A “New” Craft…


I have revived and old craft that I use to do and love when I was younger!
Counted Cross Stitch! It’s perfect for when we are watching TV (like football games) and I need to keep busy.  I decided to go with a geometric Cardinal pattern that caught my eye on Etsy.

So this…

(with all it’s flaws and miscounted stitches)

Will become this…

Hmmm.  If I hold mine far away and squint a little, I can see the resemblance…NAILED IT!