Annual Cookie Walk!

Welcome Back!

A Christmas tradition the boys have with my mom is getting up on the first Saturday in December and going to the local Cookie Walk! A  dear friend of our family, Nancy, has helped the boys with the cookie walk since 2010!

The boys point out the cookies they would like and she places them in their container. Talk about service!! By the look of their containers, it seems like they have had a hard time choosing cookies! (hahaha)

This picture was taken in 2010…the boys first cookie walk!

The boys look forward to it every year. Even Sam got up on Saturday to go to the cookie walk (which explains his squinty eyes in the photos.) The only thing that has really changed is the height of the boys! Other than that, including Nancy, everything is still the same!

This will definitely be a page in my December journal! (cross fingers)

(How tall is Sam? Almost 6’4″. Why do I think people will wonder?)