Winter Break…

Hello & Happy New Year!

Break was just what we all needed…a break from everything. I lost track of time and days and enjoyed hanging out with no schedules and ate WAY too much.

Here’s a look of some of the things we did over break…

Christmas with my family.

(We’ve decided that Sam and my dad are twins!)

Played chess and cards and vids!

Henry left and headed back to the North Pole!

When we would drive someplace, someone would fall sound asleep!

Charlie started napping with me. (I said I would never let her on my bed)

But, she doesn’t have a cool nap mask like me!

Charlie loved her first snow!

Popped popcorn in Jason’s new popper. Charlie is ADDICTED to popcorn and every tie she waits patiently for some to fall on the floor!

Cousin Christmas!

Jack had three teeth pulled. He did amazing! The gas made his arms and hands float!

Went to an ISU basketball game.

Celebrated New Years Eve!

Both boys went to friends to celebrate. Jason and I watched a movie!

Sam actually took a nap yesterday! He NEVER naps! NYE must have been a rough one!

Here’s to getting back on schedule and trying to keep those New Years Resolutions! Happy New Year to all of my readers!


Freezing Corn

Welcome Back!

Before school started, my mom came over and we froze sweet corn. I have not done that since I was a little girl. I was pleasantly pleased to find out it was super easy…especially since the boys (sam) chipped in to help.

BOTH kiddos did help shuck the corn.

We then headed in to cut the corn, microwave it for about 5 minutes, (my job) cool and then put into freezer bags. Super easy!! Mom used a bunt pan to hold the corn cob, which helped keep the corn from flying all over due to falling right into the cake pan!
Mom showed Sam how to cut the corn, which made the process go just that much faster!

Soon it was all business about cutting corn.

It wasn’t long until we were done! Plenty of corn to get us through the winter. Though, we have already ate two bags this week.
We might have had more, but I love sweet corn and was eating it right out of the pan. I think I ate three months worth…



Jack has taken up the saxophone this year. (yea.) He needs to practice every evening. (owie on the ears.) We need to find him a set place to practice because he has a tendency to practice wherever he may be sitting at the time.

This day, he decided to practice by Sam…who was doing his homework. Sam was such a good sport, but every once in a while, Jack would “squawk”a bit and you can tell those times from Sam’s face.

Jack kept practicing, but everyone in a while, Sam would give me a look. You gotta love it!

This isn’t the first time Jack had played for us. One night my family was over and Jack did a little solo for us. He forgot to give us a heads up to when he would be starting, so when the first note blew across the air, everyone jumped, I got the giggles and then looked at my dad. The poor guy had his hearing aids in and the sax about blew his eardrums out! This is Jack’s reenactment of poor grandpa.

Being a good sport, Dad took our his hearing aids, Jack gave a count down to when he would start to play and we all enjoyed a little concert.

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to my Mom and Dad!


To the two people that have taught me that marriage is like a roller coaster: at points, it is going great, its fun and exciting and it feels like you are on top of the world! Other times it can be pretty low, your stomach drops, its really tough and it seems it would be easier to get off the ride. But what keeps the marriage together is the love and devotion and not giving into the feelings during the low dips on the roller coaster. The wonderful times should be appreciated and enjoyed…because you never know how long they will last! (heehee)  And two people that have been on the ride for 52 years, may know a few thing about the ups and downs of love and marriage.

Love you!!