Best Thing EVER!!

Welcome Back!

For Christmas, Jason bought me an iRobot Roomba. Yep, I got a vacuum cleaner for Christmas and I absolutely love it!!

When you have one of these….

It’s super great to have one of these!

I cannot say enough good things about the Roomba. It is a MUST if you have pets and feel (like I do) that you are constantly vacuuming to stay ahead of all the hair.

I put it a room, hit the clean button and let it run for about 30 minutes (can run for about 2 hours with out needing a charge) and then put it into another room. I shut the door to block the Roomba in a room. It’s amazing how much it picks up. You do need to put up cords or anything that it might suck up, but that’s it!

I must say it has been a life saver for me due to not having to haul out the vacuum cleaner each day!

Would make a great Valentine gift for the one you love! 🙂

Secret Pleasure…


When I go to the library, I am secretly happy when I come across a book that I want to read and it has “LP” on the spine!

“YAY” I whisper in my head, because of course, I am at the library.

What does LP stand for? LARGE PRINT! And I love it because I can see it!

I usually read before I go to sleep and don’t have the best light. That is why LARGE PRINT makes me happy! AND I feel as if I am I reading the book fast because there are fewer words on a page!! What a bonus!

If you haven’t read a LP book, you might want to check one out! It’s actually very nice!

A New Love…


I am super picky about my pens. I love love love a good pen and was over the moon happy when I found these wonderful Paper Mate Ink-Joy pens.

They are dreamy to write with! The pens are considered gel pens, but do not write like your average gel pen that is scratchy and jumpy. These pens are smooth, bright and dry fast, so no smudges!

If you are a pen snob, then you have to check these joyful pens out!