Not Good…

Welcome Back!!

I started our Christmas decorating on Saturday morning. All set to go (not really wanting to do it, but it had to be done), bring in the tubs (ugh why so many decorations!) and Jason brought up the tree box (please lite up, please lite up.)

I stepped outside to grab a couple wreaths that I had placed on a bench and noticed they were both missing a few berries, but only on the lower section of each wreath. About, hmmmm, dog level.  Let’s just say, I think Charlie will have festive poop.

I walked back in the house and noticed Charlie had something in her mouth. I fished out the item and found out it was Henry’s hat!! OH DEAR! What about Henry!!

Phew, she had just pulled off his hat and no damage had occured to Henry. I very carefully and strategically placed his hat back on his head so not to touch him. If I touched him, we all know he would lose his flying powers! His hat now has a little tear in the front, under the old band-aid, but above the chocolate stained mouth.

I then walked into the living room and noticed no Jason. I looked at the tree and knew right away why he had vacated the area. We have a pre-lit tree. As you can see, there are only 2 1/2 sections lit and no top on the tree. A section had not lit up, so Jason watched a you tube video on how to fix a pre-lit tree bulbs. He did as the video instructed and blew out a whole section. It went down hill from there.

Thank goodness Jack had a basketball game so I offered to take him to his early practice before the game, quickly piled the decorations on the table and left the house. Decorating can and would wait for another day.

I’m Melting!!

Welcome Back!

The weather sure has turned frightful in a short amount of time…brrrrr! The only thing that likes it this cold, is a snowman…speaking of…(wasn’t that a great transition!)

My mom gave Jack a Melting Snowman Kit. It has given him loads of fun!! I didn’t think he would think much of it, but boy was I wrong! He LOVED it!!

Related image

It’s almost like silly putty. You shape the snowman, add the accessories and let it sit. It will melt before your eyes. It’s great!

Jack left his overnight on his desk and it was as flat as a pancake in the morning! So cool!!

It would make the perfect little gift for someone or a great little stocking stuffer!


Annual Cookie Walk!

Welcome Back!

A Christmas tradition the boys have with my mom is getting up on the first Saturday in December and going to the local Cookie Walk! A  dear friend of our family, Nancy, has helped the boys with the cookie walk since 2010!

The boys point out the cookies they would like and she places them in their container. Talk about service!! By the look of their containers, it seems like they have had a hard time choosing cookies! (hahaha)

This picture was taken in 2010…the boys first cookie walk!

The boys look forward to it every year. Even Sam got up on Saturday to go to the cookie walk (which explains his squinty eyes in the photos.) The only thing that has really changed is the height of the boys! Other than that, including Nancy, everything is still the same!

This will definitely be a page in my December journal! (cross fingers)

(How tall is Sam? Almost 6’4″. Why do I think people will wonder?)


Lights Are Up!

Welcome Back!

The boys took advantage of the nice weather and put up our Christmas lights! I am glad that I was out shopping while these pictures were taken!

Jack screwed in some new Christmas bulbs. (UGH!)

Seriously, boys….I don’t find these pictures that funny.

We added a new area of fun little colorful lights. I love these lights! Yep, Jason has shorts on…like I mentioned, the weather was wonderful!

These will be great pictures in my December journal…WHAT? Yep, trying for again for the umpteenth time. Will let you know how it goes….



Last week brought some very chilly nights and days…very frightful weather! But something that wasn’t frightful, was our fountain!

It was like having our own little ice sculpture in our backyard!

Jack stood on the water in the fountain.
We told him not to do that, his foot will go through.

Well, that didn’t happen…until the next day when it was a bit warmer!

Jason had put some “anti-freeze” in the water, but it was just too darn cold! Glad to have a little bit warmer temps this week!



Just wanted to share a picture of what the boys and I encountered, unexpectedly, several times this Halloween season.  We saw it most often when we were driving down the lane at night and “It” was standing there in the yard, or by the bushes or in the window.

This is Jason with one of the several masks he enjoyed wearing this Halloween. How is it lit up? He carefully placed his cell phone on the mask.

One mask Jason donned,  Sam did not realize we had, so when he dove down the lane with a friend he yelled, “I don’t know who it is!! We don’t have a mask like that!”

Jason loved it. Fun times for all.



We are still discovering and learning about Miss Charlie every day. This weekend it was during a walk she taught me a lesson. I now know  Charlie does so much better off a leash when walking.

 When we first  got Charlie, she didn’t like to be on the leash, so we quickly learned to let her roam our yard without a leash, but on walks, she needs to be on a leash. I take her to a local park that has a large circle walking path. We try to get one lap or half-mile in on the leash and then I let her roam in the middle to do some sniffing, still on the leash.

While we walk around the sidewalk  it takes FOREVER! She stops. She goes into the grass to sniff. She will sit. She won’t walk.

Well on Sunday, I had had enough of this lolly-gagging. I decided I am just  keep going when she tries to stall  and correct her with a little jerk on the leash. It worked well for about 60 seconds when she stopped. I corrected her, but she still sat. I have read/watched/ been told to just keep going without looking and they will follow (which she WAS doing)  so I kept walking, but the she was NOT following me.  I finally looked back…

She had actually laid down and I was dragging her! I laughed out loud! I have only seen this on videos, but I have a drag dog!!

Long story short…I took off her leash and she walked around the path with absolutely NO problem. Even a squirrel was near and she did not chase it! So either she was delirious from being dragged for a bit or she just does better off a leash. We will find out tomorrow…which I am sure will be another adventure in learning!