Do you ever come across something in your  house that makes you say, “Hmmm…” I did the other day…

 Charlie’s dog collar…with a padlock on the bottom…hanging from a Command hook…Interesting.


“So what’s up with this?”

“Mom…I am making different Escape Chambers in the house.”

Oh! Of course. Silly me. What else could it possibly be?

(I’m glad to report that no one has had to escape a chamber in our house due to this is as far as Jack’s planning has progressed. )

New Sign!


Another great gift for Christmas I received was a felt letter board from my sister! I change the inspirational quotes every so often. It hangs in our living room for all to see and be inspired.

This is the latest quote…

(side note: I asked Jack if it was ok to blog this. “Sure!” he said, “Why not!”)




These two pictures showed up on a photo feed. They are two of my absolute  favorite pictures of the boys. Time goes by so fast (sniff.)

Jack holding onto Sam’s finger melts my heart!

Jack loved being with (and still does) being with Sam and doing whatever Sam was doing. Sam put the pillow in Jack’s basket to help him sit up higher.

Time just goes by soooo fast.

Winter Break…

Hello & Happy New Year!

Break was just what we all needed…a break from everything. I lost track of time and days and enjoyed hanging out with no schedules and ate WAY too much.

Here’s a look of some of the things we did over break…

Christmas with my family.

(We’ve decided that Sam and my dad are twins!)

Played chess and cards and vids!

Henry left and headed back to the North Pole!

When we would drive someplace, someone would fall sound asleep!

Charlie started napping with me. (I said I would never let her on my bed)

But, she doesn’t have a cool nap mask like me!

Charlie loved her first snow!

Popped popcorn in Jason’s new popper. Charlie is ADDICTED to popcorn and every tie she waits patiently for some to fall on the floor!

Cousin Christmas!

Jack had three teeth pulled. He did amazing! The gas made his arms and hands float!

Went to an ISU basketball game.

Celebrated New Years Eve!

Both boys went to friends to celebrate. Jason and I watched a movie!

Sam actually took a nap yesterday! He NEVER naps! NYE must have been a rough one!

Here’s to getting back on schedule and trying to keep those New Years Resolutions! Happy New Year to all of my readers!



Merry Christmas!

I took an unplanned break from the blog due to  trying to get ready for the holiday season (and reading!)

Oh yea, thought I’d share how Henry went bad one day!

Will be back next week (the 26th) so I hope all 15 of my followers stop back!

Wishing you a relaxing Christmas~enjoy some sweets and get in a nap!!

The Flu…


We have had the flu go through our house. yuck. As much as I keep saying it’s not the flu. It’s the flu. Jack had it last Sunday and Sam came home Monday not feeling well.

He felt so bad, that he didn’t even park in the garage. He didn’t think he could walk that far. It wasn’t too long after he got home, that he started to get sick. Thank goodness, Jason was actually home and took care of “all that.”

Just like Jack, Sam didn’t feel the best for  24 hours (a little less) and then he was good to go. I am already tired of my house smelling like Lysol and my hands about to disintegrate into pieces due to being so dry from constant washing! And to think flu season has only just begun. ugh.

Not Good…

Welcome Back!!

I started our Christmas decorating on Saturday morning. All set to go (not really wanting to do it, but it had to be done), bring in the tubs (ugh why so many decorations!) and Jason brought up the tree box (please lite up, please lite up.)

I stepped outside to grab a couple wreaths that I had placed on a bench and noticed they were both missing a few berries, but only on the lower section of each wreath. About, hmmmm, dog level.  Let’s just say, I think Charlie will have festive poop.

I walked back in the house and noticed Charlie had something in her mouth. I fished out the item and found out it was Henry’s hat!! OH DEAR! What about Henry!!

Phew, she had just pulled off his hat and no damage had occured to Henry. I very carefully and strategically placed his hat back on his head so not to touch him. If I touched him, we all know he would lose his flying powers! His hat now has a little tear in the front, under the old band-aid, but above the chocolate stained mouth.

I then walked into the living room and noticed no Jason. I looked at the tree and knew right away why he had vacated the area. We have a pre-lit tree. As you can see, there are only 2 1/2 sections lit and no top on the tree. A section had not lit up, so Jason watched a you tube video on how to fix a pre-lit tree bulbs. He did as the video instructed and blew out a whole section. It went down hill from there.

Thank goodness Jack had a basketball game so I offered to take him to his early practice before the game, quickly piled the decorations on the table and left the house. Decorating can and would wait for another day.