Where Ya Going?


I started to notice how when one of us would leave the house, Charlie would run from the garage door (where we just walked out) to the front window and look out.  Was she actually watching our cars drive down the lane?

So the other day when I left, she was at the garage door. When I was driving up the lane, I stopped to see if Charlie was in the window watching me leave…

And sure enough, I spotted her little face in the window watching me leaving her behind.

Shoot the Moon

Welcome Back!

jack has a fun challenge game that sits on our coffee table called Shoot the Moon. The concept is to balance the silver ball on the poles and try to drop it into the Saturn cup. It’s A LOT harder than it looks. I’ve only been able to get to Jupiter two times.

Related image

When Jack plays, Charlie is always by his side, eyeing that little silver ball.

Then Charlie had an idea…
She went and got her favorite red ball and placed it on the poles. It was much easier to get to Saturn with a larger ball!

Oh Goodness!


I have had post prepared for the week, but I did not schedule them correctly! Sorry about you missing such important information for the first two days of the week! My apologies!! Please read on so you can be updated on a happening at our house!

So, I have been trying to exercise…again. I like to work out at home for many reasons, but one reason I don’t like to work out at home, is a cute four legged busy body…Charlie.

When I am doing “floor work” she thinks it’s time to wrestle or lay on top of me or lick my face or take over my yoga mat or…the list goes on. So I must block her from interrupting my important work out session.

But wait…let’s take a close look at her face. Yep, she is laughing at me while doing yoga!

She sits there the entire time and just laughs. Just because my down dog doesn’t’ look like hers, she should be encouraging and not making fun.

Photos of Dogs…


I must share that Charlie is not the easiest dog to get a picture of. She isn’t patient and as soon as I get the camera ready, she is off, looking over her shoulder saying, “Who has time for that?!”

A  gal that I know has two dogs that are the most photogenic dogs!! I am not kidding. Her dogs look like the ones straight our of the Pottery Barn magazine! Seriously…check them out!

And here is my dog!

Yep. That’s how she sits! She put her bum in the air and lays her head down! Someone asked if she was twerking!

I’ve accepted that there’s room for improvement…or she fits right in the our funny little family!