A New Craft!

Welcome Back!

I have always wanted to learn how to knit! So I finally bit the bullet and signed up for a beginners knitting class! Our first assignment was to knit a square dishcloth. Done!

Now, don’t  be too overwhelmed by my knitting abilities…here’s my first knitted project: a square dish cloth!

Nailed it!! 😊

Sick Week…


Last week everyone was sick. Jack started with the flu. Then Sam came home with the flu. Then Jason got the flu. The entire time I was trying to take care of them, I had a horrible cold which included my nose running and not being able to “sniff it up,” coughing uncontrollably and snoring.

Then, just to top a cold off, I got the flu on Friday. Thank goodness everyone else was good to go. And it’s about 24 hours.

Jason took this picture of me in bed on Saturday morning.

He showed it to the boys and said, “Boys. I think your mom is dead.”

Carving Pumpkins…

Welcome Back!!

This year Jack took carving pumpkins into his own hands (with Jason right beside him.) 😉

They had bought a carving kit and they both agreed certain tools were amazing!  Jack planned out his idea and got right to work.

 The small cutting blade was the best!

And the end product!! Jack was pretty proud of himself and he should be…only 2 out of the 4 people in our family can carve pumpkins!

Where’s Sam’s carved pumpkin? He got one whiff of the insides and off he went as far away from the kitchen as possible.  His pumpkin is still fully intact who’s is a-ok with him! 😉


Just in Case…

Welcome Back!

As you may know, Sam loves shoes. He follows other Sneaker Heads on instagram. He saves his money and mowing money to buy shoes. He tells me about all the new released shoes and shows me pictures of them.

So what do you do when you have a new dog and are afraid she might chew on them?

Make your shoes a part of your mother’s  decorations.



I am posting this from my phone. I can’t get to my computer because my back decided to go out on me. So this has been my view…watching football all day.

I ice. I walk a bit. I lay. That’s it.

What fancy exciting thing did I do this time? I was sitting in one of our chairs and turned sideways to have my legs hang over the arm of the chair. Sat like that for a bit…went to get up and couldn’t straighten up.

I have forgotten how bad it hurts and how angry it makes me because it limits everything I try to do.

Plan today…chiropractor visit, ice and catch up on “This is Us.”

The good thing, I don’t have to go to grocery shopping!!

Coffee Needed…


On Sunday I needed a coffee. I wanted  real coffee, not one made out of my coffee machine. So I headed to Starbucks. Jack tagged along with me.

When we got inside Jack states, “Oh man. I am TIRED! I think a coffee is just what I need.” As he yawns and stretches .

I looked at him and h.e was. dead. serious.

Well, I know how he felt, so I got a coffee, he got a mocha mint frapacino drink with whip cream (no coffee) and a vanilla bean frapacino AKA sugar drink with whip cream for Sam.

We were all feeling much better after out coffees. Then an hour later, our blood sugars crashed and so did we.